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Quissy’s Classic Wowhead Guides

It’s certainly been a busy few months and with the release of the Classic WoW Closed Beta, I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to that. But, I have still been uploading recaps of my thoughts and other Classic news on my YouTube channel: In addition to that, I’ve been writing a lot of guides

WoW Classic Demo Thoughts & Reactions

Now that the Classic Demo has finished, I took some time to sit down and collect my thoughts on it. I haven’t played on any private servers or anything of that sort, so this was my first time reliving the Vanilla experience since it was live.   I was a little hesitant at first. I

Classic vs. BfA Paladins: Seals Overview

Classic vs. BfA Paladins: Seals Overview This series highlights differences between current BfA Paladins and Classic WoW Paladins, with this video focusing on general overview of Paladin Seals. Seal of Command, Crusader, Light, Righteousness, Wisdom, Justice and Fury are among the seals I mention in this video. Additional Useful Links: ► Vanilla Ret Paladin