Holy Paladin Antorus Healing Guide Patch 7.3.2 – Part 1

Holy Paladin Antorus Healing Guide Patch 7.3.2 – Part 1

Now that Antorus, the Burning Throne is out, let’s talk about strategy. This video is going to cover the first 6 bosses from the perspective of a Holy Paladin. I hope to come out with strategy for the other half of the raid soon, so keep an eye out for that and please note that this is from my experience in the raid on Normal mode, and this guide is meant to give you a general overview of my recommendations for each fight. I think other healers could benefit from this strategy as well, although I will be discussing paladin spells and talents specifically so take what you can from it.

As a Holy Paladin, you are a healer in plate. You’ve got excellent single target heals, great utility, and the ability to diversify your raid group’s healer setup. From what I’ve seen in Antorus so far, it requires lots of AoE healing, which isn’t particularly a Holy Paladin’s main strength, so in this guide I’m going to focus on talent suggestions to help increase your production in each fight.

My main legendaries that I used are Maraad’s Dying Breath, Ilterendi, Crown Jewel of Silvermoon and Velen’s Future Sight. If you don’t have these legendaries, don’t worry. Use what you’ve got!


Talent Choice

For the most part, this was my choice for talents:

Bestow Faith, Rule of Law, Blinding Light, Aura of Mercy, Holy Avenger, Judgement of Light and Beacon of Faith.


Bestow Faith is great to use on cooldown on the tanks to maintain heals on the them, Rule of Law is great for range of heals when the raid is spread out, Blinding Light I used for the Eonar tower defense fight, Aura of Mercy to boost my raid wide, AoE healing. Holy Avenger because it’s like having a second Avenging Wrath – rotate between these 2 spells for boosts in healing. Judgement of Light is great to keep up on the bosses on cooldown because of the single target focuses and Beacon of Faith to keep your 2 beacons up on both tanks.

I used Maraad’s Dying Breath & Ilterendi here. If you have Ilterendi, I definitely recommend using it with Judgement of Light. Those 2 work very synergistically together. But, if you don’t have these 2 legendaries, don’t worry, use what you’ve got! I also rotated in Velen’s Future Sight trinket at some points too.


Garothi Worldbreaker


In this fight, there’s a bit of movement you have to pay attention to, but overall not too much.

This fight is pretty straightforward. As a healer, you’re going to stack with the ranged and other healers. For decimation, run away. For annihilation, stack. Make sure you save Aura Mastery for 65% when you run to the back of the room. The group will need lots of raid wide heals at that point. After he moves onto the next phase, this will repeat again at 25%. Make sure you have Aura Master ready again at 25% if it’s available. If not, pop Tyr’s Deliverance, Rule of Law, Light of Dawn, and use Holy Shock on cooldown. I wouldn’t recommend using Light of the Martyr here since the raid will be taking a lot of dmg, including yourself.


Felhounds of Sargeras

There isn’t too much movement other than the fact that you need to run away from giant shadow orbs – save your Divine Steed spell for that in case you get close to it. And general rule of not standing in things that look bad on the ground. Your 2 tanks will have the hounds separated on each side so the ranged will stack together in the middle. Make sure your beacons are on each tank. I had some issues with range here. Even though we were in the middle, at times, I couldn’t heal both tanks at the same time. So keep an eye on that, you may have to move back and forth a little to get in range. If you get targeted with the giant fire laser of doom, spread it out and point it away from the group.

I did not change my talents for this fight, I kept everything the same. Don’t forget to use Judgment of Light on cooldown. Don’t stand in bad things. Heal the tanks, heal the raid. You’ll be fine.


Antoran High Command

This encounter is comprised of 3 bosses, who all share a health pool and rotate in and out of their command pods. I’m going to assume that you, as a healer, will not have to enter a pod, so this is my perspective on that fight. I kept the same talents for this fight.

If I could say one thing about this fight, watch where you are standing. The encounter will summon lots of mines on the ground, so you need to be careful you aren’t standing near one and especially not walk on top of one. At one point as the bosses switch in and out of their pods, you’ll have to move into a Felshield that your raid member in the pod will cast. Be aware of that. You’ll see the entire raid move towards it, so it’s easy to spot. When your fellow member enters the pod, they’ll take additional damage so be aware of their health. There’s an ability called Chaos Pulse, dispel any raid members who are affected by this.

Portal Keeper Hasabel

The only notes I wrote for this strategy was – don’t stand in things. Sounds easy right? Portal Keeper Hasabel will open up different portals. If you’re in a portal group, you run through the portal, defeat a mini boss up there, then port back down. Watch where you are standing. Watch your AoE heals when the boss ability Reality Tear expires, where raid members will take high damage.

Move away from Collapsing World, a giant purple bubble that will spawn under the boss. It’s really hard to miss. Save your Divine Steed for this ability to quickly get away. She’s also going to spawn giant green laser beams on the ground. This, too, you need to run out of. Other than that, stay with your assigned group, kill the mini bosses in the portals and you’ll be good to go!


This fight I treated as if I was in a Battleground. I changed my talents around a bit for this. I kept Aura of Mercy for this fight, but you could also use Devotion Aura since you’ll be split up into smaller groups. I also switched out Judgement of Light for Sanctified Wrath since there aren’t too many single target focus in this encounter, besides a fight large adds. I also switched Bestow Faith into Light’s Hammer for additional AoE healing + damage. Light’s Hammer + Consecration together does a nice amount of AoE damage.

My advice is to pay attention what group you are in, and where your group is. Just follow your group, heal. Cast Hammer of Justice on adds to help out your group. Also don’t forget to use Blinding Light, Light’s Hammer and Consecration on mobs to slow them down and add to the damage on them.

Imonar the Soulhunter

I switched my talents back in this fight to what I was using:

Bestow Faith, Rule of Law, Blinding Light, Aura of Mercy, Holy Avenger, Judgement of Light and Beacon of Faith.

There’s a lot of movement in this fight, so Rule of Law is especially useful here in order to extend the reach of your heals. Also throwing Bestow Faith on a tank while moving helps with additional healing without a cast time.

Watch the ground – mines and other bad things will spawn that you should not be standing in, so be very wary of where you’re walking. At some points, raid members will be debuffed with Sleep Cannister. Do not dispel this right away. Instead, wait for the player to move out of range of the raid group, and then dispel it. Other than that, avoid triggering traps, mines, move with your group, cast Judgement of Light on cooldown on the boss. You’ll be good!

Alright guys so that is my quick explanation of the first six bosses from a Holy Paladin’s perspective. Let me know what you guys think of the video. If you have any other input to add to these first six bosses, let me know in the comments below. If you like the video, hit the thumbs up and if you enjoy my channel please hit the subscribe button to see when I upload a new video and when I livestream. Thanks a lot and I hope you guys have a great day and best of luck in Antorus!

Holy Paladin PVE Healing Guide updated for Patch 7.3.2 Antorus, the Burning Throne. Quick overview of the class and great for beginners covering talents, legendary recommendations and boss strategy! This covers the first six bosses only. Stay tuned for Part 2. (Hit SHOW MORE for Timestamps)

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