Holy Paladin BFA Talent Guide: Avenging Crusader 8.0.1

Holy Paladin BFA Talent Guide: Avenging Crusader 8.0.1

Hey everyone! Battle for Azeroth has now been out for just 1 week and now that things have slightly calmed down, I’m going to focus more on creating short guides and quick overviews related to Holy Paladins. Today, I’m going to cover a very interesting new PvE talent called Avenging Crusader.


Avenging Crusader was a Holy Paladin PvP talent in Legion and to the surprise of many, it was moved into our regular talent tree in Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.0.1. In the Tier 6 row, the talent reads:


Avenging Crusader: replaces Avenging Wrath. It’s an instant Cast with a 2 minute cooldown.

You become the ultimate crusader of light, increasing your Crusader Strike, Judgment, and auto-attack damage by 30%.

Crusader Strike and Judgment cool down 30% faster and heal up to 3 injured allies for 250% of the damage they deal. Lasts 20 sec.


So let’s break this down. This replaces your Avenging Crusader, also known as pally wings, increases the damage of your Crusader Strike, Judgement and Auto-attack damage all by 30%. Additionally, they cool down 30% faster, so not only do they attack for more damage, but they’re able to be cast more frequently. And, 3 nearby injured allies are healed for 250% of the damage dealt by your Crusader Strike, Judgement and auto attack for 20 seconds.


This is an extremely powerful talent but to take full advantage, there are 3 things you need to keep in mind when you cast it:


  1. You need to be in melee range and have a target
  2. Cast Crusader Strikes & Judgement as much as possible
  3. Use it when you know heavy group damage is incoming


This is already a staple for me in 5 man groups. I haven’t raided in BFA yet – and if anyone has in the Alpha or Beta so far – I welcome your input on how this performs in raid groups. But, seeing as powerful as it is in 5 mans so far, I can also see this ability shining in raids as well.


The only reason I can’t see this doing well in raids is if you are forced to stand with the ranged or are unable to get in melee range of a boss. Time will tell, but the HPS on this talent is insane. It’s a really strong group heal and throw a Light of Dawn in between, or a Bestow Faith + Beacon of Virtue combo and you got yourself some really nice group healing.


That’s all for Avenging Crusader! As I said, if you guys have any input, thoughts or suggestions on other ways to optimize this spell, please let me know in the comments below! If you like the video give it a thumbs up, and if you want to follow my livestream, check out QuissyTV on Twitch. That’s Quissy with TV at the end. Don’t forget to hit the sub button on YouTube as well. Thanks a lot for tuning in and I’ll see you real soon!

Avenging Crusader moved to the Holy Paladin PVE talent tree in Battle for Azeroth Alpha/Beta/Patch 8.0.1. This covers how I’m currently utilizing this talent in 5 mans, mythics, etc. I don’t mention PvP but this can be utilized just as well. https://twitch.tv/quissytv.

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