New Patch 7.2 Quick Tips – Mage Tower / Mythic+ / Nethershard Farming

New Patch 7.2 Quick Tips – Mage Tower / Mythic+ / Nethershard Farming

Now that 7.2 has been out for over a week, here are a few things I’ve learned over that I want to share with you guys.

First, complete that Mage Tower! I was hankering to do Heroic Nighthold all week since my small guild group had been working on progression. But, when my guildmate told me we were going to clear Normal for AP, I was disappointed for a moment until I realized 2 things.

On my server, we’ve already gotten the Mage Tower completed on the Broken Shore. To contribute, head on over to the Legionfall Construction table at Deliverance Point and hand in your Legionfall War Supplies to help.

Now on most servers, I think people will be going for the Mage Tower. Let me know if it’s different for yours. But it seems to me that most people will be going for the Mage Tower first for the AP bonus.

Once the Mage Tower is completed, you get the “Knowledgeable” buff which gives you a chance when you loot Artifact Power in a Raid or dungeon that you’ll also receive a bonus Artifact Power token as well.

What I’m trying to say is, if you have the Mage Tower completed, it’s not a bad idea to farm Raids such as Nighthold LFR and Normal. In Normal, I received around 8 million AP in a little over the hour it took us to clear.

Second, do Mythic+’s! Again, I had been wanting to get back to Heroic Nighthold all week for the loot. But, to my surprise, Mythic+ loot has been upgraded and is now comparable at lower levels and even better at higher levels than Heroic Nighthold.

Check it out. I got this 875 trinket from a +4 Lower Karazhan, this 885 trinket from +7 Court of Stars and this 895 chestpiece from +9 Court of Stars. I had been trying to get an 885 trinket for several weeks now and to see that I got it so easily off a +7 was pretty gratifying. In addition to that, the loot inside your weekly chest from Mythic+ dungeons has also been upgraded so be sure to check that out as well.

And the third thing is farming Nethershards. There are 2 quick ways I’ve found are best for farming Nethershards. Get in a 5 man Sentinax farming group. Check your map and see where the Sentinax is. Head on over there with your group and pick your own portal to camp. Players should use their Sentinax beacons to open and extend the duration of portals. It’s easier to camp your own portal, because if you stick with a larger group, you may not always get to tag every mob and therefore lose out on loot.

I did this for about an hour on Sunday and was getting hundreds by the minute. This is a really great technique and I am hoping they don’t nerf it just yet. In addition to Nethershards, you’ll get other loot too such as Dauntless gear, AP, other Sentinax beacons and more so if you are into farming, this is definitely for you.

At some point, someone will summon a named Lieutenant from the Sentinax using Portal Stones that drop from portal mobs. These guys have a lot of HP and require a good amount of people to kill. Killing each unique one will get you the Achievement “Naxt Victim”. They also will drop a good amount of Nethershards and other loot. But, when you do summon a Lieutenant, it temporarily stops the ability to spawn more portals while the Sentinax recharges. So, most people hold off on using these because it disrupts the farming flow. Use with caution!

If you need a break from farming the portals, another good idea is to check your world map and look for the giant skulls across the Broken Shore. These are all named, Silver Elite mobs that once you kill, will drop Nethershards, Legionfall War Supplies, Artifact Power, Dauntless Gear and more.

All you have to do is travel to the location wherever you see the Silver Elite. If it’s already been killed, don’t worry. They respawn pretty quickly.

And as a bonus tip, don’t forget to ride the carousel at the Darkmoon Faire while the event is active. This will give you a little bit of a headstart on reputation while farming quests on The Broken Shore.

So, those are my 3 quick tips based on playing 7.2 this past week. If you guys have anything you’d like to contribute, let me know. As always, if you like the video feel free to subscribe to my channel for more WoW updates. Thanks everyone and I’ll see you next time!

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