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Patch 7.3 New Paladin Hotfixes

Patch 7.3 New Paladin Hotfixes Hey guys, I hate not being able to create videos as often but there haven’t really been that many paladin updates over the past couple of weeks. There have only been a few Patch 7.3 hotfixes for paladins that I’m going to cover, so let’s get started. So again, very

Holy Paladin Healing Guide – Patch 7.3 Update

Holy Paladin Patch 7.3 Healing Guide – WoW Holy Paladin Healing Guide updated for Patch 7.3. Complete overview of the class and great for beginners covering spells, stats, talents, a few gear & legendary recommendations and more! Introduction Holy Paladins have been around since Vanilla WoW but they’ve really evolved over time. In this guide,